Sunday, March 11, 2012

They are coming...

It's been warm the past few days, and Spring Break has started, so I went out tonight to see if any insects were flying around. I also left a porch light on, which returned some results.

This pretty moth was attracted to the porch light I left on, and seemed content to hug the side of my house.

The above wasp seemed to have suffered from damage and was limping about, which made it easier to get some pictures of. It looks to be a parasitic wasp.

The scales on the wings probably help this moth be active before it has become consistently warm, and judging from the antennae, it's a male looking for a female.

I'm thinking that this insect is a species of caddisfly, but I have yet to get a picture good enough to really say for sure. I'll have to put it under a hand lens or microscope to figure it out. Its long antennae have an interesting curl at the end.

Hopefully I'll have an ID for these insects sometime soon, but I'll probably take this week off to relax a little.

I also saw a lot of slugs and earthworms out tonight, sliding through the moss. I also caught a millipede, saw a few spiders, an earwig, and a green lacewing. Not too bad of a haul for this early in the year, and just a taste of what's to come. Now to wait for the fireflies to emerge!


  1. Derek, your moth looks like Paleacrita vernata, the Spring Cankerworm, highly variable in its markings. The little caddisfly is actually a Brown Lacewing.

  2. Thanks Dennis! I had no idea the brown lacewings were that small, neat. I definitely can't wait to get it under a scope now.