Monday, March 12, 2012

My First Research: Assassin Bug and Millipede Invasion at the ONHC

My posters from the Ohio Natural History Conference are now online! I've updated my post from the conference with links, and also wanted to post them here for easy reference. I was the lead author on my first poster, "A Biological Survey of the Assassin Bugs (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) at the Barbara A. Beiser Field Station", which is posted below. Click this link or right click on the picture and choose "view image" for a larger (and readable) picture.

I was a contributing author on the second poster, titled "UV Fluorescing Millipedes from Southeastern Ohio." There's a lot of interesting questions raised from this research that I would like to investigate. Hopefully it will inspire others to take an interest in millipedes as well.

Note that there is a typo in the first paragraph of the Conclusion section. E. leachii is always found in decaying wood, not in leaf litter.

For more information about the conference, you can read over my first blog post (which has a link to my tweets from the conference), and some news stories from my college here and here.

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