Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grad School Preparations: The Journey

Other than my Hildreth Project, my time has recently been spent finishing a graduate school application. Everything came together quite nicely, and I sent that sucker in last week.

The next stage: the visit. I'll be flying to Arkansas on Thursday and staying for a few days to check out the campus, meet the Entomology department, and see how I'd fit in. It will be an exciting weekend and I'm looking forward to it. Perhaps soon I'll know for sure what I'm going to be doing in the coming years!

I'm aiming to get a few more blog posts up before the end of January; there will definitely be at least one. Possibly about skunk cabbage, since it's that time of year again...

Symplocarpus foetidus

Until then, wish me luck in Arkansas!


  1. That "sucker"? Hopefully your future supervisor won't read your blog :-)
    Anyway, good luck and enjoy your visit!