Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Grad School Preparations

I am now preparing to apply to grad schools. I've been working on nailing down exactly what I want to do over the past few months, and what schools would allow me to reach my goals, and I'm finally at the point where I can seriously start the application process.

Canada, Ohio, Arkansas, Arizona, and Illinois are looking to be strong contenders.

I would like to incorporate millipede research into my graduate work, but that isn't a make or break thing. I would like to stay within the field of systematics or ecology, though that's not set in stone either if I find a really neat project.

My final goal is still to work in a natural history museum so that I can merge research with science outreach, and we'll see how I get there--or if I find something else along the way.

A huge thanks goes out to people like Crystal Ernst, Morgan Jackson, and Chris Buddle for giving me support thus far in my journey, and for sharing their experiences and knowledge.

And of course, the Biology Department at Marietta College has a great set of faculty that have been supporting me and my adventures in biology for the past five years now. I definitely wouldn't have made it this far without them.


  1. Good luck in your search, Derek! Any institution would be lucky to have someone as passionate, driven, and intelligent as you. Life has a weird way of putting us where we belong as long as we're honest with ourselves; I'm excited for your future and look forward to coming along via this blog and other social medias :)

  2. Thank you Andrew. I'm hoping things will work out, there's gotta be some place for me!