Monday, May 9, 2011

Late Night Beetle Collecting

I decided to turn on the outside lights for about a half hour tonight to see if anything would fly up, and I got some good results! Right now I'll post the pictures that I took tonight, and I'll elaborate tomorrow. I caught a few of the beetles and am keeping them to hopefully identify later and get a closer look under better light conditions. It was about 52 degrees tonight, so still a bit chilly for more insects to be flying about, but once summer warms up more, there will be all sorts attracted to lights.


  1. I wonder what my neighbors think of me when I'm wandering around my yard at 3 in the morning with a flashlight looking at all my plants ;) Is that a lacewing next to the beetle in the bottom photo?

  2. I always just hope mine are asleep and not paying attention! And yep, there were one or two lacewings hanging around that night.